Thursday, 19 March 2020

Every Little helps....

It's been over a decade since I saw my first ever Little Gull at Pulborough Brooks, and since I started regularly patch watching the reserve three years ago it's been a species I've wanted to catch up with again but failed to do so - until today!

The low cloud and hint of drizzle, combined with a shift to northeasterly wind, promised something in the way of a grounded migrant or two as I arrived at the Brooks this morning. The North Brooks was relatively quiet, but as soon as I sat down in Winpenny hide and scanned the South Brooks I picked up an adult Little Gull flying back and forth with its distinctive flight style, bobbing down to the water here and there to pick up a morsel or two.

After a while it landed and, as I struggled to get a photo or some video in the increasingly poor visibility, a second bird dropped out of the sky to join it. Later in the morning Paul Davy had two at nearby Widney Brooks and by lunchtime there were four at Pulborough.

I'm pleased to say this takes me to 105 for my Pulborough year list; my best start to a year here yet.

My shaky camera video attempt below of the first bird early morning, and a lovely slow-mo clip from Paul Davy.

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